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Pete - Umatilla,Florida  "I have the V.B.B.L Led Headlight on my bike and It is as bright as High $ system on my Harley Davidson, for a fraction of cost. Customer service is A++"

Adam - Sarasota, Florida " I purchased a lighting kit from Very Bright Bike Lights in May of 2015. I can't believe how bright it is ! I have used the inexpensive lights you find online, but nothing compares to the real deal! Thank you V.B.B.L! I have the confidence drivers can see me at night, and my headlight turns night into day!

Just a few of the VBBL family!

Jeff - Crawfordville,Florida "I have to say that these lights really take a beating. I live on a dirt road and I have to go a 1/4 of a mile before I hit pavement,  and I pretty much ride with them on all the time. And they are what the name says, VERY BRIGHT! Thanks Will!!! Well worth every penny."

Jesse - Albuquerque, New Mexico "I want to thank VBBL, I'm incredibly content with my Led head lamp. Custom made to order they cater to your needs. My lamp is impressive and beautiful, super bright and actually blinding. You cant be missed at night. Thank you again VBBL! I'll be getting lit up again soon.

Ryan - Pittston,Me.  " The headlight is at least twice as bright as i expected, i wish the photos could show how bright it really is. I'm impressed. I will be buying again in the future."

Bill - Phoenix,AZ.  "I love it,,,,it's very bright,,and I have a loud horn and brake lights so I don't get rear ended,,i have the lights on night and day,,i give this light set a 10 out of 10!!!

David - Chicago,Il." My VBBL headlight is so bright, I rarely have to use my high beams, even on these dark Chicago streets".
Kurt - Lancaster,Pa. " I have the VBBL lighting system,as well as the 12 volt alternator. It's the closest thing to having a motorcycle charging system you can get, without owning a motorcycle. Keeps my battery fully charged with no extra strain on the engine, or change in my top speed!"
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