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Ride with confidence,get lit,get seen!


Specializing in hand built lighting kits for motorized bicycle use, using LED headlights, tail lights and turn signals, for easy maintenance and dependability.

We hand solder, shrink wrap all soldered connections, and use marine grade,waterproof connectors wherever possible.

Our lighting systems are made from aluminum and cast metal for longevity and ruggedness ,to withstand the elements,or your riding habits, whichever is the harshest!

Our prices are easy to understand, as there's only two ( so far ) Priority shipping is included in your purchase

Our basic lighting system includes your color scheme style of LED headlight with low and high beam,your choice of tail light with brake light and an easy to install brake switch, battery input connections, your color choice of wire loom ( from the available colors listed ) and a left handlebar mounted control switch, for $179

The second level includes all of the things that the first level kit has, but also includes front and rear turn signals with a solid state turn signal relay and a 105 db motorcycle horn for $249.

Our lighting systems and 12 volt alternator systems ( sold separately )   are hand built, one at a time, as they are ordered, so while we might not ship the same day you order, it will definitely be worth the wait, as our quality is top notch! We will keep you updated with frequent email and/or texts to let you know when to expect your kit to ship.

Please keep in mind, since there are so many different styles of bikes, there's no universal mounting solution for everyone. This is one of the  things we will discuss on the phone with you, before you order. We'll make sure you feel comfortable with your purchase BEFORE you order.

In some cases, the lights you choose may have to be ordered and will delay the build by a few days until they arrive. Please understand this BEFORE you leave your deposit, as deposits are Non-refundable.  ( $90 deposit for the level 1 kit, and $125 for the level 2 kit. ) Alternator systems must be paid in full when purchasing.




12 volt alternator systems now available!

Built and tested by VBBL over the past 2 years, these are the ONLY true 12 volt systems, available for the 66cc motorized bicycle engine kits. They have a gorgeous chrome finish,come with complete instructions for installation on video,and best of all are designed to NOT affect your engines performance! 

Priced at $199

Call for details


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