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The VBBL 12 volt charging system is the best and ONLY true 12 volt system designed for motorized bicycles. Unlike the in case systems found on Ebay, our units actually produce strong, usable voltage and current, to charge a 12 volt battery, and run your 12 volt accessories, like lighting kits, phone chargers,etc. 

Tested on our personal bikes over the last 2 years, the VBBL charging system is guaranteed to out perform anything else on the market. Its a simple,stand alone system, and the latest version ( shown in the picture bottom left , or top picture on most mobile devices ) has a chrome,fully adjustable mount, allowing for perfect belt alignment and belt tension, and produces  a whopping 12.8 volts and 4 amps of current while the bike is idling! That voltage climbs to 14.7 volt with 8 amps of current, at just 18 mph where it is controlled by the voltage regulator/rectifier, ensuring proper charge of your battery without damage.

The way our system is designed, there is literally ZERO DRAG placed on the engine while it's being used. That's important as our engines are already small enough, and we need all the power we can spare.

Check out the videos, and pictures, and give us a call. We have charging systems for the 66cc  bicycle engine, and custom installations on other engines is available, but you must call so we can iron out the details. Supplementary installation video is on our  videos  page, with step by step instructions for a perfect installation. Phone support is also available. 


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